S2 Ep. 2: Stroller Tire Explosion! Book Power for Kids!


The second episode of Season 2 is ACTION PACKED. It features special guest stars, the Book Power for Kids Podcast! We also premiere the hit song from last episode’s challenge, “All the Things Shakespeare Hasn’t Done”, go ALL the way across town to fix our popped stroller tire, and get our next challenge, “Write a song about Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night”. That’s why we need help from the Power Family!

Oh AND we play the whole episode from our 2007 Toyota Prius en route to the Danbury Fair Mall! Here’s a video I made all about this MEGA AWESOME MALL.

Thank you to everyone who helped come up with ideas from last episode’s challenge, my guests WalterBoy, AlvinBoy, and of course, Book Power for Kids! Find their podcast on your favorite player.

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