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Hi, Families. I'm Jonathon Roberts, aka ComposerDad. Every day I answer intense compositional and parental challenges. Then I meticulously document these adventures for YOU on the ComposerDad Podcast and YouTube Channel. Get plugged in: sign up for the ComposerDad mailing list, connect on social media, and become a ComposerDad Patron to issue your own intense compositional challenge.


ComposerDad Podcast

The ComposerDad Podcast is full of music and adventure stories for kids and their parents. Follow ComposerDad as he receives “intense compositional challenges” from a talking Bible, Animatronic Shakespeare, a supermassive black hole, and families everywhere. Learn about the creative process, listen to great music, and hear fun stories told by silly characters. For music-loving families, fans of Eleanor Amplified, and Story Pirates. Part of the Kids Listen community of podcasters.


YouTube CHannel

Join ComposerDad and the gang in living color as they tackle intense compositional challenges. See ComposerDad in his natural habitat. Learn valuable life skills. Overcome adversity.


The latest episodes from the ComposerDad Podcast, recreated with lifelike paper puppets and real computers.

At Home

Pull back the curtain. It's ComposerDad at Home. Careful with that curtain, by the way, it's not secured very well. 


Compositional challenges so intense, they stand on their own, on top of a mountain that is really a volcano.

Reconnect Emotionally

Now that you have experienced dozens of intense compositional challenges via the ComposerDad Podcast, it's time to reconnect emotionally. Here are several cutting edge internet platforms I've discovered where we can do that. 



Families, sign up to be a ComposerDad patron on Patreon and you will become an integral part to the sonic, optic, and parental adventures of ComposerDad for years to come. Issue your own intense compositional challenges and get access to critical, life-enhancing media in the ComposerDad Vault. 

Program Benefits:

-Cameo in ComposerDad Podcast Episodes
-Complimentary custom underscore for a social media post
-DEEP DISCOUNTS on albums by ComposerDad
-Opportunity to make your own Intense Compositional Challenge
-Access to the ComposerDad Vault, a DropBox folder featuring a collection of free music, PDFs, and other ComposerDad media   

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Music from ComposerDad episodes that you know and love is available for purchase via the internet, one of the top shopping destinations in the WHOLE WORLD. Two of the albums are even available as physical CDs that you can hold or show to your children.

*A portion of sales benefits Spark+Echo Arts, enabling other artists to receive their own intense compositional challenges from BIBLE.



"ComposerDad, I have questions. How do I carry this massive boulder across this huge chasm? I have this idea for an intense compositional challenge. Will you execute it?" 

For whatever is on your mind, send me a note here or reach out on social media.



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