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It's time to take a DEEP DIVE into all things ComposerDad. Fire up the ComposerDad vs. Bible Podcast, then power shift to the YouTube Channel. Watch ComposerDad handle Intense Compositional Challenges from a mysterious talking BIBLE while effortlessly raising his kids.

Then throw down your own intense compositional challenge: Music for your podcast? Underscore for your Facebook posts? The team at ComposerDad Productions has you covered. Follow these simple steps for ultimate ComposerDad life integration. Read on...



Step 1: THe Email Shake Up


Step 2: YouTube-Splosion

Watch ComposerDad and the gang in living color as they tackle intense compositional challenges from BIBLE. See ComposerDad in his natural habitat. Learn valuable life skills. All this and more.


The latest episodes from the ComposerDad vs. Bible Podcast, recreated with lifelike paper puppets and real computers.

At Home

Pull back the curtain. It's ComposerDad at Home. Careful with that curtain, by the way, it's not secured very well. 


Compositional challenges so intense they stand on their own, on top of a mountain that is really a volcano.

Step 3: POdblast

ComposerDad vs. Bible

If you are driving a super laser car or at the gym lifting huge weights, video-watching is hard. Enter the ComposerDad vs. Bible Podcast: ComposerDad receives intense compositional challenges from BIBLE while out with his kids. Pop song from the book of Deuteronomy? 90s Hip-Hop on Pentecost? No problem. Guest starring ProfessorMom and Grandma. For music-loving families, fans of Eleanor Amplified, and My Podcast Has Fleas.

Step 4: Reconnect Emotionally

Now that you have doven deep into dozens of intense compositional challenges, it's time to reconnect emotionally. Here are several cutting edge internet platforms I've discovered where we can do that. 

Step 5: Mega-Services

This is the part of the ComposerDad journey where you issue your own intense compositional challenge. I have started an entire production company, ComposerDad Productions LLC, and we're ready to write music for your social media post, YouTube video, podcast, and church. And everything is FREE! Wait, I'm getting a note from the rest of the staff. It's not free. Let's say "sliding scale". You give me a ring and we'll figure it out. 


Your facebook post needs an Underscore

Wouldn't that cat video be so much cooler with an underscore? You know it would. Wait, time out, ComposerDad, are you really going to underscore my social media posts? Yes I am. Learn more.


Your podcast needs Theme Music

You LOVE podcasts. Now it's time to start your own. You don't just want to drop in stock music because your not a stock music kind of person. You need custom theme music that rocks, plus underscores, bumpers... it's gotta be incredible. Learn more.


Your church needs Special music

You love your church and have a big event coming up or a startlingly good sermon series. You want the message to really connect with the congregation, to linger in their minds. We have just the solution. Learn more. 


Step 6: That Time Between Nap and Dinner Tour 


Is there anything more intense than that time in the afternoon when it's too late to go somewhere, but it's too early for dinner? Never fear, families, let ComposerDad step in with live songs and adventures via FACEBOOK LIVE, direct from his beautiful, slanted-wood-paneled underground ComposerDad studio. 


Penultimate step: Ear Blasters

Music on the Bible from ComposerDad episodes that you know and love is available for purchase via the internet, one of the top shopping destinations in the WHOLE WORLD. Two of the albums are even available as physical CDs that you can hold or show to your children.

*A portion of sales benefits Spark+Echo Arts, enabling other artists to receive their own intense compositional challenges from BIBLE.


Ultimate Step:

The Deepest Dive


Congratulations! You made it! You are truly amped up about the ComposerDad Experience and we are amped up about you. It's time you take the plunge into the ComposerDad Patreon Program. For pennies a month (hundreds of them) you will become an integral part to the sonic, optic, and parental adventures of ComposerDad for years to come.

Program Benefits:

-Cameo in ComposerDad vs. Bible Podcast Episodes
-Complimentary custom underscore for your Social Media Post
-DEEP DISCOUNTS on albums by ComposerDad
-Special access to make your own Intense Compositional Challenge
-Daily satisfaction that you are making someone's dreams come true (Priceless)

Transport me to the ComposerDad Patreon Now!  



"ComposerDad, I have questions. How do I carry this massive boulder across this huge chasm? My biceps never fit into my dress-up shirts. I have all these intense compositional challenges and no one to seamlessly execute them. Help!" 

Send me a note here or reach out on one of the incredible internet social media platforms I've discovered.