S2 Ep. 1: ComposerDad vs. Shakespeare


To kick off Season 2 of the ComposerDad Podcast, we find ComposerDad and the family in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England where ProfessorMom is studying Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Institute. After a whole year of “intense compositional challenges” from BIBLE, will ComposerDad be able to tackle one from….Animatronic Shakespeare?!?

This episode’s challenge is to “write a song about all the things Shakespeare HASN’T done.” If you want to help think up ideas to add to this song, ask a grownup to help you send a note to ComposerDad at www.ComposerDad.com.

Special thanks to our guest this episode, the-child-formerly-known-as-SquishyBaby, AlvinBoy!

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