Ep. 5: How to Be Free

An anthem of freedom based on Psalm 126... with an accordion? No problem. Right after SquishyBaby's nap. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review this podcast on iTunes or Google Play. We really appreciate it. AND find ComposerDad vs. Bible videos on YouTube! 

On this Episode: 
-ComposerDad rescues SquishyBaby from falling in front of the fireplace.
-SquishyBaby naps
-BuilderBoy watches Mr. Rogers on YouTubeRed
-BuilderBoy builds an incredible SpiderMan Superhero Laboratory
-ComposerDad discusses freedom vs. captivity
-BIBLE challenges ComposerDad to write an anthem of freedom with an accordion based on Psalm 126
-ProfessorMom reads the Bible with incredible diction
-BuilderBoy transforms into a forklift and ComposerDad almost figures it out
-The entire family march off into the community to share their new anthem of freedom based on Psalm 126. 
-Oh, and Grandma interviews ComposerDad's Jonathon Roberts about how he wrote this song. 

All that in under 10 minutes!

Download music from this Episode:

Music Credits: 
Jonathon Roberts: vocals, accordion, percussion
Emily Clare Zempel: vocals, percussion
Alexander Foote: guitar, percussion, vocals
Jay Foote: bass

Produced by Jonathon Roberts & Emily Clare Zempel
Co-produced by Alexander Foote & Jay Foote
Mixed by Alexander Foote
Mastered by Christopher Colbert