How to Fix a Melissa & Doug Toy Piano

Our two year-old and I sat down to play some piano only to find that the top of our Melissa & Doug "Learn-to-Play" Toy Piano wasn't working. Instead of the usual happy "ting-a-ling," it was more of a "clang- clank." This set us off on a three-hour instrument repair adventure! See inside the Melissa & Doug Toy Piano and learn how to fix this piano if the same thing happens to you.

Remember, fixing things with your kids takes always takes extra time. Be patient, take breaks, and make sure they are safe. It's more about the journey and connecting with them as you repair. You may not even get your project completed. Have fun along the way!

Special thanks to Brett's Hardware in Beacon, New York, for help finding the M6 bolt we were missing. And thank you to WMHT's Classical Companion radio station. It's a great station, and we were listening throughout our little father-son repair project.

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