Stratford-upon-Avon: First Look for Families

ComposerDad and family here. We are in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, while ProfessorMom is studying Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Institute! After our first week, we wanted to give you a little “first look” on this amazing family-friendly town in the UK.

Not only is Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare's Birthplace, but it is also full of family friendly places to discover. Some of the places we enjoyed in our first week include:

The MAD Museum (Mechanical Art and Design Museum)
Marbles tubes, mechanical moving art, nice automata sets for kids, activity packs.

The Butterfly Farm:
So many butterflies! Great activity books in gift shop!)

Stratford also has a tremendous playground in their Recreation Grounds,

And don't forget the Royal Shakespeare Company and all the wonderful Shakespeare-.elated sites! We especially love the New Place.

Other tips: If you are traveling from far away like us (America), it might take some time to adjust after jet lag etc. Be sure to build in some down time. ProfessorMom managed to pack all our Duplos for the boys to take breaks from our adventures. Also, if you are here for awhile like us and want to connect with other parents, try signing up for some classes. In addition to the ballet class we mention in the video, we also have enjoyed some playgroups at area churches, and even a LEGO Animation Club.

And of course, just enjoy walking around town. It's beautiful. River Avon runs right through it and the grounds in front of the Royal Shakespeare Company are especially great for romping. Oh, we hear the RSC has a fantastic playgroup for little ones, too.


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