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Introducing ComposerDad vs. Bible, a new family music and Bible adventure series on YouTube and your favorite podcaster.

Unflappable ComposerDad must complete "intense compositional challenges" from mysterious BIBLE, all while raising his mega-awesome kids with ProfessorMom. Subscribe now, families!

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Hi, I’m Jonathon Roberts, I’m a composer and a dad–ComposerDad! Yeah, I like that. I’m ComposerDad! I write music… and I raise my kids along with my wife who is a professor, and a mom, she’s ProfessorMom.

I’ve always loved the Bible. And sometimes I read a verse and it jumps out at me, it’s almost like the Bible is challenging me to write music on it. It’s like ComposerDad vs. Bible! 

Here I am at the Tot Park with my kids, Guess who else I see? BIBLE, with another intense compositional challenge for me, ComposerDad.

"I want you to write a pop song from the book of Deuteronomy,” says BIBLE. 

“No problem, BIBLE”, I say. And then I write the music! And it’s an Internet sensation. Or maybe I make a video–

Grandma: Or maybe you just sit in the basement playing with paper puppets and making silly voices.

Yes, that’s Grandma, sometimes I get interrupted by her or the kids or but it's okay. I’m just trying to be a good dad and a good composer, with the Bible, and document it all  on ComposerDad vs. Bible. 

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