Bonus: Robot Martin Luther

It’s the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. BuilderBoy, Squishy Baby and I are in Wittenburg, Germany, learning all about Martin Luther. 

"Who’s Martin Luther?" asks BuilderBoy.

Before I can answer I hear a mega blast! It’s Robot Martin Luther, ready to sing one of classic songs. Hit it Robot Martin Luther!

A Mighty Fortress is our God,
A trusty Shield and Weapon;
He helps us free from every need
That hath us nowo'ertaken.
The old evil Foe
Now means deadly woe;
Deep guile and great might
Are his dread arms in fight;
On Earth is not his equal.

Happy Reformation Everyone!

Made with: Logic Pro, Izotope Vocal Synth, Native Instruments Komplete, Rampen Drum Kit, Droopy, HandyMan, Waves