Do you like ComposerDad music and videos? Maybe you have a project of your own in mind. I have started an entire production company, ComposerDad Productions LLC, and we're ready to write music for your social media post, YouTube video, podcast, and church. And everything is FREE! Wait, I'm getting a note from the rest of the staff. It's not free. Let's say "sliding scale". You give me a ring and we'll figure it out. Visit for additional portfolio materials and project ideas.  


Your facebook post needs an Underscore

Wouldn't that cat video be so much cooler with an underscore? You know it would. Wait, time out, ComposerDad, are you really going to underscore my social media posts? Yes I am. Learn more.


Your podcast needs Theme Music

You LOVE podcasts. Now it's time to start your own. You don't just want to drop in stock music because your not a stock music kind of person. You need custom theme music that rocks, plus underscores, bumpers... it's gotta be incredible. Learn more.


Your church needs Special music

You love your church and have a big event coming up or a startlingly good sermon series. You want the message to really connect with the congregation, to linger in their minds. We have just the solution. Learn more.